Colonel Sam Smith Skating Trail

With the ongoing school strikes – a day off means finding something to do with the kids. As they both enjoy skating, a trip the the outdoor skating track at Kipling & Lakeshore was in order. It’s a little hidden gem in my opinion and a nice change from your typical skating around an oval at an arena. It’s never been too busy when we have come here and today was no exception. Only a dozen or so people were enjoying the trail.

They call this a skating trail as it is a pathway or circuit to skate on that isn’t you typical pad of ice. It is shaped as a figure-eight that meanders around the park with some curves built into the track. It’s situated down near Lake Ontario so you expect it might be cold with the wind off the lake however it’s never been that cold for us. They have planted a number of trees so it feels like you are in a forest – I’m sure this helps control the wind.

They recently have renovated some of the facilities here, there is a nice indoor area to change. Much better to get on your skates inside in the warmth versus freezing outside. Its called the Power House Recreation Centre which the city runs some programs and camps throughout the year. There are some washrooms, storage for your bags and seating to change. Outside there is a fire pit that they run at night and skating aids available to help the little ones.

Overall we had a great time – the weather was sunny and not too cold. The boys enjoyed chasing each other around the trail or just skating on their own. A couple of laps of racing to see who could complete the circuit quicker. I would recommend checking this place out if you enjoy skating. At times on the trail – it feels as if your are not even in the city.

Good exercise and good fun for all.

Key Facts

  • Colonel Smith Skating Trial
    • Located at Kipling and Lakeshore in Etobicoke
    • Free parking and skating
    • Indoor washrooms and change area
    • Skating aids for children
    • Zamboni resurfaces ice four times daily
    • No food available
    • No skate rentals.