And so it begins…

I finally took the plunge and started a blog. There seems to be so many out there that I thought – why can’t I keep my own going. I have often thought about creating a blog however never seriously attempted with all going on with work & family life. Now with some time on my hands, its now or never!

There are a few reasons I had wanted to start a blog:

  • First and foremost is to keep record and document the adventures we have as a family. We like to explore and experience different things so this will allow us to create a “journal” of all the places we go and things we do. Also push us to find something new rather than be inside the house on the electronics. I’m looking at you ipad and PS4.
  • Next is to help me improve – communication is huge in today’s world so writing blog entries and sharing information will allow for constant practice and improvement.
  • Third on the list dovetails into the above point, it will help me build a new skill. Blogging and web page design…and you never know, maybe I can make a little money off this. Isn’t that what everyone is doing these days? Blogging?
  • And lastly, for those following along our adventures, it will provide some ideas on things to do with their friends or family which they might not have considered or give them the push to go!

So this page will capture us out there exploring the world. I know I named it “Coaster Kids” however it will be more than just roller coasters. You don’t know how hard it is to find a catchy website name. All the ones I wanted were taken, I had originally been looking for something clever with “kids” and “adventure” but no dice (I thought of this gem: Get it!

My goal at this point is to post once a week of something we have experianced. You can follow along and offer any feedback, suggestions or comments. For you bloggers out there – send your hints and tips.

Hope you enjoy!